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About Us
  • Mission statement.

    The association “Badzcie z nami” came to life in January 1992 . It brings together people who are willing to help children and youth with disabilities. The association operates nationwide. The main goal of our organization is to assist less fortunate people living next to us and to integrate disabled people with the rest of the society mainly by means of events taking place annually such us outdoor festivals in the city of Korzkiew, presenting the artistic achievements of disabled children in Bagatela theatre, organizing auctions with the work of art created by disabled children, sleigh parties in Laskowa , hiking trips along the Trail of Eagles’ Nests.
    Our aim is to support, provide with information, find solutions to every day problems, give hope and bring out a smile on children's faces. That is why for our logo we have chosen "Sun".
    We aim at versatile activities leading to the psychophysical development of people with disabilities and the improvement of their social position. The association concentrates mainly on rehabilitation of those people and makes effort to integrate them with the rest of the society. Furthermore, it provides the disabled, their families and carers with financial and psychological help. Promotion and support of a volunteer work is another objective pursued by the association.
    Current programs.
    The association organizes the integration events, excursions, exhibitions of works of art created by children with disabilities, covers expenses connected with orthodontic care of disabled children and rehabilitation of the car accidents victims. What is more, it provides schools and special education centers with rehabilitation equipment.  
    The work of our association was appreciated by many public authorities and social organizations. We were awarded by the Minister of Education, Lesser Poland Voivodship, Polcul Foundation, scouts, The Order of Smile and many more.
    Program title
    Outdoor festival in Korzkiew 2012 “Welcome Summer” – integration festival for children and youth with disabilities
    Short description
    Program's main activities:
    - hippotherapy
    - art classes
    - artistic performance (in a form of a contest)
    - sport tournament
    - compensatory gymnastics
    Long description
    The outdoor festival has been organized for 20 years in Korzkiew, situated 20 kilometers from Krakow. It is organized annually as a part of Child’s Day celebration.
    Preparations take about 5 months although the festival is a one day event. There are usually 900 participants from 20
    special education centers and schools from Krakow and the whole district.
    During the festival children have an opportunity to take part in many activities. One of them is hippotherapy - a treatment that uses the multidimensional movement of a horse. Children participate in art classes where they learn how to make things from clay, they perform in front of the audience taking part in an artistic contest. Another attraction for young people with disabilities is participation in a sport tournament and compensatory gymnastics under the supervision of rehabilitants. Each child receives a present and schools are presented with rehabilitation equipment that is essential to rehabilitate children during the whole year.
    “Badzcie z nami” association covers transportation expenses to and from the festival as well as food.
    In the organization of this event we are joined by police, army and scouts.
    - raising the physical fitness of children and youth with disabilities
    - integration during games and competitions
    - physical recreation
    In 2012 we will be organizing the festival in Korzkiew for the 34th time. The number proves that there is every reason to keep organizing the event that is awaited by all participants for the whole year and helps to integrate children with disabilities.
    The festival is held under the patronage of the Voivode of Lesser Poland, radio, press and television.
SPN "Bądzcie z nami"
ul. Piekarska 3
31-067 Kraków

tel./fax +48 (12) 637 33 94
tel. kom. +48 602 188 766
tel. +48 (12) 430 63 13


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